Winning Probability

Winning probability between two hands:

You will be basing every move you make at the poker table on sound and educated mathematical probabilities so you need to know, the probabilities of every outcome. With this in mind we have listed below the probabilities of certain hands beating other hands, this information is critical and either not being aware of it or even ignoring it could cost you dearly:

If you have a low pocket pair you may be surprised to know the probability of it beating a bigger pocket pair is 18.5%

Overcards that are not suited have a probaility of 45% of beating a low pocket pair

With a probability of 47.3 suited over-cards can beat a low pocket pair

Should a hand be dominated meaning for example an Ace and a Jack against Ace and a King the probaility of winning is 24%

Winning when faced with a severely dominated hand that is suited for example Ace/Ace against Ace Ten (suited) the probability is 12.7%

Should you have an unsuited hand that is severely dominated for example Ace/Ace against Ace/Ten (non suited) winning is 7.2%

Lets presume you have two under-cards that are also unsuited the probability of them beating two over-cards that are also unsuited is a reasonable 36.7%

However two under-cards that are suited beating two over-cards that are unsuited ( an example being Jack and a ten suited against an Ace/King is 41%

Should you be wondering if your two under-cards that are both unsuited and not connected will beat a hand consisting of over-cards that are suited and connecting then this is 32.4%

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