UltimateBet Poker Tournaments

There are literally hundreds of tournaments available at ULTIMATEBET POKER and below we have listed an overview of what they have to offer make sure you checkout their website for full tournament schedules.

Rebuy Tournaments - Believe it or not but ULTIMATEBET POKER was the very first online poker room to offer players re-buy tournaments. As an industry leader they have also put together a range of other tournaments for their army of players.

Multi-Table Tournament - This is the most common type of tournament, due to the sheer volume of players the tournament needs to be played across many tables, all players have to register and be available to play at the ULTIMATEBET POKER tables at the start time.

The buy-in amount will always be displayed in the tournament information section and the fee charged for the house fee will also be displayed ie $50+$1 this would mean that $50 goes into the prize pool and the house gets $1 from each entrant.

Sit & Go Tournaments -These tournaments are growing in popularity and players simply turn up sit down, then when the table is full the tournament will commence. Fees for the Sit and Go's are deducted instantly from the players account the moment the player joins the table, these will be returned should a player remove themselves from a table before play starts, however should they leave after the game has begun the fee will not be returned.

Direct Entry Satellites - ULTIMATEBET POKER have four different ways for their members to enter tournaments, the most popular is using cash or loyalty points, another is to win entry via a satellite game or using their Tournament Entry Chips.

Multi Table Tournament Payouts at ULTIMATEBET POKER:

1 Table 1st Place 50% 2nd Place 30% 3rd Place 20%
2 Tables 1st Place 40% 2nd Place 30% 3rd Place 20% 4th Place 10%
3 Tables 1st Place 35% 2nd Place 25% 3rd Place 19% 4th Place 13% 5th Place 8%
4 Tables 1st Place 34% 2nd Place 24% 3rd Place 18% 4th Place 12% 5th Place 7% 6th Place 5%
5 Tables 1st Place 33% 2nd Place 23% 3rd Place 17% 4th Place 12% 5th Place 7% 6th Place 5% 7th Place 3%

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