The art of bluffing

The art of bluffing; You need to know and fully understand that bluffing is a true art, a common and expensive mistake novice poker players will make is that they will call any old hand hoping to scare off the opposition, the opposition more often than not understand fully the value of each hand and will soon eat these unskilled bluffers alive. Only time served skilled players will master bluffing and nothing will change this fact.

If you get the urge to bluff (in a limit game) it is best to do it early ideally at the flop, the reason to this is that if you are up against a good poker player who then starts to call big bets it is highly unlikely he/she wont fold their hand unless of course they are drawing the cards needed and they miss it on the final card.

Also if there are more hands on the table it would be unwise to bluff as it is more likely someone will call, and when players are betting or raising the pot.

You can of course bluff at anytime you feel you can get away with it especially when there are not a lot of players left in the game, as its likely no one has a good hand, when bluffing though you will need to be ultra consistent so as not to be found out

Players will usually throw away their hand the minute ( on the river ) they know they can't win so by betting on the river there is a good chance you will win by bluffing on the river.

If you are in late position and bluffing you can force some players out by betting with a bluff but be advised some will stay so as mentioned earlier be consistent in your bluff.

If you have raised before the flop arrives but have ended up without the card you was hoping for remember only you know this so bluffing at this point could fool them into thinking you have a good high pair.

If a pair is showing on the board ideally eights or lower never forget fellow players could be waiting for there high card so they wont risk against someone having a three of a kind, so you could bluff that you are holding this three of a kind hand - But be careful someone else may have it. Pair on the board when there is an open pair on the board (preferably 8s and lower) the others players might be waiting for there high card and wont buy against a possible

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