Texas Hold'em Preflop Strategy

Basic Texas Hold'em preflop strategy

The most important part of any game is when the cards have been dealt, and you are looking at that hand, is it worth playing?

Usually you should play on with any two cards that are tens or higher, Aces and nines or any two cards that are suited plus pairs that are sevens or above. Also you should be thinking of playing high cards that are consecutive, lower pairs may be played but this is much dependant on your position. There are also several other things to consider before playing your hand and these include:
The number of other players if you are playing in a 10 player game there is a good chance someone else will have a strong hand and you will need to have a couple of jacks or better to play.

Bankroll also plays an important part as, if you are going to be called all-in you must choose the hand very very carefully as you want this to be a good one and not just rely on hope.

Those playing against you may play agressively, leave them to win the blinds and concentrate on waiting for a good hand then go get him.

Position is vital make sure you read our section on position and act accordingly.

Patience is a virtue or so the saying goes but this is oh so true in poker, play every hand like a mad man and you will eventually or very quickly lose.

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