Seven Card Stud

An interesting game for both novice and seasoned players that requires a great deal and skill as well as a sprinkling of luck, it requires both an ante and a bet and is played in five rounds and requires from 2 upto 8 players Every player is dealt seven cards from the deck, three are dealt face up and four and dealt face down dealt in different rounds. The maximum bet is doubled after the third round and this makes for a large pot for the winner to take.

The winner is the player who has the best five card combination.

Let's take a look at how a game of Seven Card Stud progresses:

1. Each player places an ante bet that is set by the poker room, usually in $0.50/$1.00 games there is no ante

2. Each player gets two pocket cards and one card face-up.

3. Whichever player is holding the lowest card starts the betting.

4. During this round each player must then decide to either: Fold - Call - Raise or Check.

5. Once every player has made an equal contribution to the pot,the game moves onto what is known as the Fourth Street.

6. During the Fifth and Sixth Streets players are obliged to bet at the higher limit.

7. At the final round which is called the Seventh Street, the games outcome is decided.

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