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One of the new ways to play poker and one of the most exciting is the Poker Bet game that is available to play at our featured poker site that is Bodog Poker, and this game means it is you against the computer ,and it can be at times a very profitable game to play with plenty of ups and downs.

The Poket Bet game is based on a normal game of Texas Hold'em and requires you to hold your nerve whilst using your skill and judgement to correctly pick which hand you think from those face up on the poker table will win each round of a game of poker.

The computer works out the odds as the game progresses and you are free to select which hand you think will win that round by placing chips on your selection, you can hedge your bets as you don't need to pick just one hand in fact you can bet on all of them should you wish! After each round and when another community card is dealt the odds change to reflect the new hands and as such you can again place bets on which hand you think will win.

This has to be one of the best new poker games we have seen in a long time and as it is just you and the house computer you aren't at the mercy of bluffers! So you owe it to yourself to checkout the Poker Bet game and see for yourself just how good a poker game it really is. We know you will definately like what you see and with plenty of winning and betting opportunities on offer it will keep you entertained and hopefully in profit.

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