PitBull Poker Tournaments

PitBull Poker Tournaments

There is always plenty of Multi-Table Tournaments happening over at Pitbull Poker this is a format whereby you can play against an unlimited number of other Pitbull Poker players who are all playing simultaneously over multiple tables spread throughout the poker site

As you would expect the object of the game is very simple and that it to eventually win all the chips from all the other players taking part in the tournament.

PITBULL POKER are proud to offer all poker players all of their poker games in the multi-table format and they have many different buy-in amounts available.

There is always a tournament playing at Pitbull Poker as they run them 24 hours a day. They always post the start times so there is no excuse for not playing in one. You can see what tournaments are currently available by simply selecting "Tournaments" from the table pull down list then simply register to take part.

You can be sure that registering for a tournament at Pitbull Poker couldn't be easier all you have to do is click on the tournament that you wish to join in the tournament list. The tournament info will then be displayed with a ‘Register’ button. By clicking on the "Register button" will result in a popup appearing verifying the buy-in funds that will be taken from your account. After you verify the funds to be taken from your account, you will be registered for the tournament it is as simple as that. Should you need to unregister for the tournament you can do at any time before the tournament registration closes.

The tournaments at Pitbull Poker usually start will every player getting 1000 chips, sometime this can be more but this will be clearly displayed in the tournament information section

The Blinds will usually start at 10/15 and then they will go up every 15 minutes.

In the Sit and Go tournaments once you have lost all your chips you will be out and your ranking in the tournament will be based on the time you leave

Breaks are given on tournaments and these usually happen every hour and last for five minutes.

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