Hole Cards Winning

How often does a certain hole cards wins: This section of our website is important as it may blow away many myths you are holding in regards to the percentage of time that a pocket pair will win the game

Study these figures very carefully and always have them in the forefront of your mind when you are at the poker table

The percentage that the hands below wins Pocket cards:

Ace and Ace 75%

King and King 63.5%

Queen and Queen 56.1%

Jack and Jack 50%

Ace and King 51.1%

Ace and King that are off suit 48.1%

Ace and Queen that are suited 46.5%

Ten and Ten 43.5%

Ace and Jack 41.7%

Ace and Queen off suited 42.4%

Make sure you familiarize yourself with all the odds and probability of poker: Most common winning hands.   Being dealt statistics Pre Flop Odds.   Being dealt statistics Flop Odds.   How often do certain hole cards win.   Profit expectation from pocket cards.   Being dealt statistics Turn/River Odds.   Winning probability between two hands.  

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