Hold'em Hole Cards

Hole Card Nicknames

As you will have noticed poker players have nicknames but you may be unaware that hole cards also have nicknames so we have listed the most common ones below to help you get your head around these crazy terms and sayings:

A-A Everyones favorite hand is commonly known as "American Airlines", "Bullets" and "Pocket Rockets"
A-K This powerful hands also goes by the name of the "Big Slick"
A-J - Ajax is the "Ace and Jack"
K-K Known as a pair of "Cowboys"
K-Q An excellent pair that is nicknamed "Marriage"
K-J Who loves ya baby this hand is a "Kojak"
K-9 - "Canine" No thought went into this nickname!
Q-Q This top hand has several nicknames including "Dames", "Divas", "Ladies", "Hilton sisters", and ermmmm lol "Siegfried & Roy"
Q-J This is the "Maverick"
Q-7- This hand is the "Computer Hand"
Q-3 A comical term that refers to a "Queen" with a "Tray" - "A San Francisco Busboy"
J-J "Jokers" or "Hooks"
J-9 "T.J."
J-5 Often know as "Jackson Five"
10-5 "Five and dime"
10-2 Due to winning two main events with this hand it will live with poker players as the "Doyle Brunson"
9-9 "Meat hooks"
8-8 "Snowmen" or even "Two Fat Ladies" 7-7 "Hockey Sticks" Think about it!
7-2 This is often known as "The Hammer"
5-5 "Nickels", or "Speed Limit"

4-4 - "Sailboats" ( They look like boats??)
2-2- Two of the and you have the "Ducks" - Quack Quack.

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