Five Card Stud

Five Card Stud is where poker all started, it was the original stud poker game, you play it with as little as two to a maximum of eight players.

To begin a game every player is dealt two cards - one of them up, and one of them down.

Next the betting starts, when this is complete players then receive another card face-up, this carries on until every player has five cards in total that are face up and one that is face down. Players have to use all their cards to make a hand, this is where skill and very good judgement comes into play.

When playing Five Card Stud you will need both an ante and a bet, the ante is set by the poker room.

Below is how the game progresses:

1. Each player simply places their ante on the table.

2. Players are then dealt their two cards one face down and one face up. Whichever player has the lowest face-up card by suit then starts the betting with what is called a bring-in bet that is half the lower full bet. The other players can then choose to fold, call, raise the amount to a full bet

3. Next we move onto the next round where another card is dealt, this card is dealt face-up to all players still playing. Whichever player has the highest combination of cards showing acts first and can either bet or check. If however two players are showing equal cards, it is the one nearest the dealers left that acts first. Should a player have a pair showing any player may opt to bet at the higher limit, should this happen all following calls and raises will have to be at the higher limit.

4. In the next (third) round another card is dealt this card is face up, and another round of betting takes place with the player holding the highest combination of cards showing beginning the betting. These bets are at the higher limit.

5. At the fourth round all the cards have now been dealt and each player has one card down and four cards up, now a final round of betting begins once this has happened all players show their hole card

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