Betting, Calling and Raising

Betting the Flop:

There are lots of decisions you have to make in poker and one of these is when you look at the flop - should you check or should you bet, if you cannot make up your mind it is best to bet.

The reasoning behind this is that you wont be giving away any free cards and obviously you won't be beat by a player on the river who has folded, and of course the pot will be bigger should you win it.

Now if the flop gives you a good hand, you will now need to evaluate how strong that hand really is plus see how many players are remaining and the chance of getting an over card when the turn and river appears, plus what are your opponents holding, base your decision on these things alone.

At all times you need to keep your fellow players in the dark as to what you are holding and a good rule is obviously to always bet your good strong hands.

Raising the Flop:

Should you raise on the flop you must always bare in mind that is will rarely scare off any players who may have flopped a good or semi-good hand, and you should be raising the pot mainly to get the pot built up and get your opponents to pay.

Should you flop a pair with a good high top kicker and are confident you are holding the best hand you should be thinking about a raise and re-raise. You want as much return from that winning hand as possible.

However should players around you be raising the flop it could mean that someone has flopped possibly two pairs and could be sitting on a better hand than you, more so if one of the players is in the blind

They may have absolutely anything in the pocket, they could land an excellent Flop and are now betting in order to save it.

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