2014 CGA Nova Scotia Annual Conference

September 29 - October 4, 2014


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Current Issues in Federal Taxation
This daylong seminar will cover 5 current topics of federal taxation in some depth: Personal Service Corporation, Principle Residence, Capital Gain versus income, Reasonable Expectation of Profit, and Third party civil penalty

Foreign Exchange Essentials
Foreign exchange is essential to many organizations, and this one-day essentials program is intended for those new to foreign exchange who need to get up to speed quickly. 

Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises
This presentation will focus on a number of the major issues where preparers and users of ASPE financial statements have indicated they are experiencing challenges as well as clarity on updates and changes within the Standard. The presentation will focus on ASPE with some coverage of major areas of the IFRS.

Your Financial Institution Relationship

Cash Management

Designed for those new to cash management, this full-day seminar will give you a comprehensive overview of the basic elements of cash management.

Orientation to Public Practice

GAAP and CAS Review and Update
GAAP and CAS Review and Update is designed for individuals preparing or reviewing corporate financial statements and for those who need an overall update and refresher course on aspects of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and Canadian auditing standards (CAS).

Effectively Managing Performance
Performance management is one aspect of human resource management that is vital to the success of your organization. Performance management is more than performance review and involves continues two way feedback, proper planning, effective communication and many more aspects.

Effectively Leading Transitions
Most times change happens with the announcement, what makes the change a success and vital to your organization is how you manage the transition from where you are to where you want to be. This workshop focuses on what happens to humans in times of change and how to effectively lead transitions.

Tax Update
This daylong session provides an update of corporate and individual federal income tax in preparation for the filing season, detailing the significant issues of which practitioners and those involved in the tax area should be aware.

Global and Canadian Economy

Public Practice Round Table

PA Review