Merger Proposal Passes Member Vote

May 2014

The vote of Members through the Special General Meeting held on April 24th has provided greater than two-thirds support for the April 2014 Nova Scotia Merger Proposal for CA, CGA and CMA (the Proposal). Consistent with the requirements outlined in the CGA Act, the Board has approved moving forward with pursuing a merger agreement with CA Nova Scotia and CMA Nova Scotia. The CGANS Steering Committee – established in March 2013 – will continue its role in overseeing the merger process.

In consultation with other Nova Scotia stakeholders was completed via phone conversations and face-to-face meetings during April and May. The stakeholder feedback received concerning the Proposal was supportive and the awareness of the unification effort across the country was evident (For more information on the status of the unification initiative across the country, please visit the CPA Canada website).

The CGANS Board members of the Steering Committee are:

                        1. Kim Batherson, CGA, Chair

                        2. Dr. Peter Secord, CGA, 1st Vice Chair

                        3. Peter Duggan, FCGA, Past Chair

The Steering Committee members will be working collaboratively with the CA Steering Committee members and the CMA Steering Committee members to unite CGA Nova Scotia, ICANS and CMA Nova Scotia, and to create a CPA body that will be the pre-eminent professional organization, which acts in the best interests of the public and represents its members. Supported by management and staff of all three organizations, along with legal counsel and other advisors as necessary, the Steering Committee will be tasked with:

  • Negotiating a Merger Agreement for approval by the respective Boards of CGA Nova Scotia and CMA Nova Scotia, and ICANS Council;
  • Preparing a submission to Government that sets out the results of the consultation process and member vote, as well as terms of the proposed provincial merger of the bodies;
  • Developing new CPA legislation that will result in the addition of the matter to the province’s legislative calendar as early as the fall of 2014; and
  • Planning the integration of the CGA Nova Scotia, ICANS and CMA Nova Scotia operations.

Considerable progress has been made to date and we will continue to provide updates to the CGA Nova Scotia membership and we welcome your comments and feedback.


Kim Batherson, CGA                                                                            Stana Colovic, CGA (Hon)

CGA Nova Scotia Chair                                                                        Chief Executive Officer